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CBS News Recently did an informational video section about ransomware and ways you can protect yourself against it. Our Raul Glasgow was one of the techs featured in the CBS section.

Need Help right away but cant get to your computer tech?remote support

Have no fear we also offer remote access services

You will need to install the teamviewer remote access software. If you cannot use teamviewer then we can also use the remote access system.


Yes we said it guys, and we mean it. 24 HOUR SERVICE!24 hour computer repair services

Bring me your sick and weary broken down malware infected computers. I will fix them all. At any hour of the day. Once a representative answers the telephone you can rest assured that a 24 hour computer technician will be there to serve your needs.






Ransomware and malware removal services

We are your computer fixer. Computer systems infected and attacked by ransomware and malware?




Cost of Replacing a Macbook or PC Laptop Screen

 Does your computer screen look like the image on the right? Yes?

Then you have broken your LCD and are here most likely looking up the costs to replace. Well you have come to the right place.

We have some of the most reasonable rates when it comes to laptop computer screen replacements in Brooklyn NYC. We have set a flat rate policy of $100 for any PC computer non touch screen computer.

Touch screen computers labor costs can range from $150- $200 because of the complex nature of these types of installations and the high likelihood of the screens breaking during an install.